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These four astronauts were just launched into space on an important mission2 min read

November 20, 2020 2 min read


These four astronauts were just launched into space on an important mission2 min read

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NASA has been sending astronauts into space on successful missions for decades now. So, what makes this mission so distinct?

Well, for the first time, this launch has been made through a rocket, Falcon 9, owned by a private company, SpaceX

The launch of Falcon 9 sending Crew Dragon to the Space Station. Sourced from Twitter.

Owliver Obscure Observations
Did you know that they already have many private astronaut missions lined up? Including one for the Hollywood star, Tom Cruise!


The rocket was launched by NASA at the Kennedy Space Center, Florida at 7.27 P.M., EST and carried four astronauts to the International Space Station. 

The ISS is a multinational collaborative space project amongst the USA, Russia, Japan, Europe, and Canada where a habitable satellite orbits the earth. This satellite can be used for research and to test the suitability of longer missions to the Moon or Mars. 

The timing was crucial to ensure that the rocket caught the station just overhead Earth. This allowed the crew enough time to finish off their pre-packaged dinner and get some rest before docking at the station at 11:00 P.M.

The crew  has three astronauts based out of the USA — Commander Michael Hopkins, Victor Glover, and Shannon Walker — and one Japanese astronaut,  Soichi Noguchi. This is Noguchi’s third trip to space! 

From left to right- Soichi Noguchi, Michael Hopkins, Shannon Walker and Victor Glover. Sourced from Space.

On board astronaut, Hopkins, called the journey from Florida to space on the Falcon 9 ‘a heck of a ride’ as reported at the SpaceX mission control room.
Noguchi called it the best!

They will be on the station for six months.

What will they do during this time?

1. They will conduct microgravity studies.

2. They will study the effects of food improvements to help crew adapt to spaceflight.

3. They will also conduct a student-designed experiment called Genes in Space-7 to understand how spaceflight affects brain.  

Looks like they have their hands full.

Owliver cannot wait to hear about their adventures when they get back!

Image sourced from Indian Express.