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SpaceX tries new glass dome for panoramic space views2 min read

April 16, 2021 2 min read


SpaceX tries new glass dome for panoramic space views2 min read

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SpaceX has taken up many challenging feats, such as becoming the first company to recover a rocket booster. But this might be the coolest and most challenging of them all. SpaceX is trying out a glass dome in space!

Why a glass dome? Who’s going to look out of it?

illustration of a space tourist

Well, as a private space company, SpaceX is always looking for ways to make it more accessible. Now, it’s looking to target and entice space tourists. These space tourists will surely want a view of the stars they long have been wanting to visit. And with more companies trying to capitalize on this new opportunity of space tourism, SpaceX wants to distance themselves from their competitors.

More details, please!

SpaceX’s newest capsule, named Crew Dragon, has already taken two sets of astronauts to space. Check our update on one of them here. But since the tourists will not be docking to the International Space Station for research, like the astronauts launched by the previous two missions did, they will get the glass dome as an added feature! The glass dome will replace the hatch used to let the astronauts enter the ISS. SpaceX is looking to expand Crew Dragon’s uses to space tourism also, and this is a big step towards that goal.

How does this make SpaceX better than competitors?

To put it simply, it’s never been done before! Other imaginations competitors’ capsules have appeared over the internet, but SpaceX has continuously proven the reliability of its launches and services. Tourists looking for cool views were originally looking at other companies. But now, SpaceX is offering the same services. SpaceX, most likely, will also start riding space tourists early, which gives them a headstart over their competitors.

Both SpaceX and their competitor, Virgin Galactic, announced updates and changes to their respective space tourism capsules on the same day.

While we won’t be looking through a glass dome anytime soon, we will continue scanning the web with a magnifying glass for all the best updates for you!