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This recycled spacecraft had a little brush with the unknown2 min read

April 26, 2021 2 min read


This recycled spacecraft had a little brush with the unknown2 min read

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The SpaceX Crew Dragon capsule Endeavor, carrying four astronauts, approaches the International Space Station orbiting the Earth April 24, 2021.

Recently, Space X and NASA sent their third set of astronauts to the International Space Station which is in – you guessed it- Space! Although the four Astronauts on the Dragon Endeavor spacecraft are now safely in the Space Station, they had a close call with… wait for it… drumroll please… a UFO!

The Dragon Endeavor is the first spacecraft that has made its way to space more than once. This recycled craft has been to the International Space Station once before!

This time around the mission was 23 hours long. The Crew of four Astronauts took off from Kennedy Space Center in Florida on Friday and arrived at the Space Station on Saturday, the 23rd of April. Once they landed they took a picture with everyone at the Space Station and got ready to get to work.

SpaceX Crew Dragon Endeavour docks with International Space Station -  SCIENCE News
Space X Crew Dragon endeavour photographed with the other astronauts at the Space Station. Image: India Today

“We can’t wait to start our work on the space station, we can’t wait to see what’s ahead on the adventure for us.”

Crew Dragon Endeavour

The ground team warned the astronauts of the collision, but it was so close that the Astronauts had to perform emergency protocol anyway. The astronauts got into their pressure suits and waited to be ejected into the void of space.

They eventually never collided, and, the closest distance that the object came was 28 miles away. Now, that may seem a long way off, but the truth is in a Universe that is infinitely large, a distance of 28 miles is practically nothing.

Learn more about the International Space Station by watching this video:

With Excerpts From: The New York Post and NDTV

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