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Standing their ground1 min read

December 20, 2020 2 min read


Standing their ground1 min read

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For the last few weeks, farmers across the country have been taking to the streets in thousands, protesting the new farm bills that were approved by the Government in September this year. What are these bills, are the farmers right in protesting, and what’s really happening on the ground? Owliver breaks it down for you…

The timeline

Though we’ve been seeing farmers protesting on the streets only in the last few months, the issue goes back a bit further in time. Read through this sequence of events to better understand the matter.

The matter has reached a point where the government and the farmers are at odds, and can’t seem to find a middle ground. Here’s what they each have to say...

Owliver’s Obscure Facts

How does a Bill become an Act?

A Bill is a draft proposal, which needs to be passed in the Lower and Upper House of the Parliament. However, it finally needs to go
through the President to become an Act. Once he gives his nod, it becomes an Act. 

Illustrations: Rehna Kareem. Rehna is a freelance illustrator and an integral part of Team Owliver, who doodles at Paper Planes Doodles

Photo: PTI