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Take a look into the world’s oldest home1 min read

May 10, 2021 < 1 min read


Take a look into the world’s oldest home1 min read

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Can you picture the world’s oldest human house? What do you think it was made of? No, don’t just scroll down! Give it an honest try. Was it made of hay? Or wood? Or stone? Was it just a bunch of leaves propped up? Put out your best guess and unjumble the image below to see if you were right.

Yup, the world’s oldest house was a dark cave of rock in the Saharan desert in Africa. And it’s called The Wonderwerk Cave. The Wonderwerk Cave was rediscovered by a farmer in 1940. Since then, scientists have pushed and prodded it to get hints into how we humans have behaved over the years.

Scientists have been looking at human activity in the cave from a million years ago for a while. However, they just realised that they had missed a whopping million years in their investigation! As it turns out, humans lived in the cave almost 2 million or 1.8 million years ago!

cave 2

Owliver’s Obscure Observation
The Wonderwerk Cave is one of the few places on Earth where human activity can be traced back for millions of years!

With Excerpts From: ScienceAlert, Sci-News, and Artnet.

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