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Teens create app to help those with dementia2 min read

October 11, 2020 2 min read


Teens create app to help those with dementia2 min read

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Creating an app is not an easy task, but these talented teenagers from Ireland seem to have cracked the code. Not just that, their app – Memory Haven – is one that will help those in need.

(Left to right) Mentor Evelyn Nomayo with teen whizzes Rachael Akano, Margarent Akano and Joy Njekwe (Pic: NPR)

Rachael Akano, Margarent Akano and Joy Njekwe are the three whiz-kids, who worked on the project along with their mentor Evelyn Nomayo. The app will help patients with dementia. Dementia is the common term for loss of memory, the ability to speak a language, ability to solve problems, and more, which can affect daily life.

How Does Memory Haven work?

This app can take on many tasks, and can be used by both patients, or those who take care of them, called caregivers. Memory Haven focuses on three problems among dementia patients: memory loss and difficulty with recognition and speech.

Apart from regular health check-ups, the app allows users to create a list of tasks, which helps those with memory loss remember what they have to do. It sets reminders for both patients and caregivers about things like when to take medicines.

A special photo wallet and facial-recognition feature lets patients identify their loved ones, and also has a call button that immediately calls a patient’s caregiver. Users can also put their contact details and address on the app, which will help in case they forget their way back home!

The app is meant for those above the age of 65. Now, these teenagers hope to launch their app in America and the rest of Europe. Watch them talk about their app in the video below!