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These cops are defending education from COVID-192 min read

October 19, 2020 2 min read


These cops are defending education from COVID-192 min read

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COVID 19 may have caused a break in education but many people have emerged as saviours in these tough times. Find below the stories of two cops who have been teaching children of migrant workers, labourers et al during this pandemic.

While online education came to the rescue of school going kids all over the world during the pandemic lockdown, not everyone could afford gadgets to access it.
Than Singh and Shanthappa Jademmanavr recognised this gap.


Than Singh, a Delhi Police constable, has since been arranging classes for underprivileged children seeking education during the ongoing pandemic. These classes are held at Sai Temple, Red Fort parking in Delhi. A majority of his students are children of labourers.

He had been taking classes even before the pandemic but had to stop owing to health concerns and restrictions imposed by the lockdown. However, Than Singh realised that not all of his students could afford gadgets to access education online. So, he resumed the classes keeping all safety measures in mind. Apart from teaching his students about hygiene and other practices to combat COVID 19, Than singh also provides them with masks and sanitisers.

Photo: ANI

In Bengaluru, sub-inspector Shantappa Jademmanavr has been taking classes for children of migrant workers before turning up for duty. He teaches his students mental maths, general knowledge, and value education. Talking about why he started the classes, Jademmanavr said,

“I saw these children simply loitering on roads, not attending online classes, or getting any formal education while their parents worked. It pained me because education is a fundamental right.”

Source: The Indian Express

The efforts put in by Than Singh and Shantappa Jademmanavr beyond their professional mandates are inspiring!
We need more people like them who make us believe in humanity everyday. 
Join Owliver in thanking these lockdown superheroes!

These cops teach us that everyone can do their bit to make this world a better place. So let’s start small and see how we can help during this difficult time.

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