That Weekend4 min read

August 25, 2021 3 min read


That Weekend4 min read

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Raima Nair

Global City International School, Bangalore

Class 7

Chapter 1: The Movie

I was really excited! It was the weekend. My friend and I had decided to have a popcorn party and a sleepover at my place. We had planned to watch our favourite movie. The doorbell rang and when I opened the door, my friend hopped inside like a kangaroo. We got a huge tub of popcorn and glasses of cold drink. Finally, we jumped onto the couch and started the movie. Little did we know the adventure we were about to have! 

Chapter 2: Power Failure

The movie kept getting more and more interesting with each passing second. We were thoroughly enjoying it when, suddenly, there was a power failure! We were vexed but just then the power was back and the television (TV) came back on. But, we were annoyed to see a blank screen. I went near the TV to check what was wrong. A scream escaped my mouth as I got sucked inside the TV leaving my popcorn bowl and my friend behind!

Chapter 3: The Room

My friend picked up the remote with quivering hands. The TV turned on and I found myself in an empty and dark room though there was a faint light coming from the single window. I turned around and saw a woman with a pale face and open hair sitting on a rocking chair. As I stood looking at her, she got up and advanced towards me. Suddenly, she opened her mouth and let out a scream of satisfaction. I saw that she was a vampire.  At that very moment, my friend pressed the remote’s button and the channel changed. I was happy and relieved that I had escaped the Lady Vampire’s clutches. 

Chapter 4: The Balloon

I wanted the TV-adventure to end fast. Well, curse my luck! I ended up in an empty amusement park. As I kept walking through it, I saw a rainbow-coloured balloon fluttering in the air. At the end of its thread, stood a man with his back towards me. When he sensed my movement, he turned around. He was a zombie! I took advantage of Zombie Man’s slow movements, paid him a 5-rupee coin for the balloon, grabbed it from his hands, and took to my heels. I was hoping to run out of the TV as fast as possible!

Chapter 5: Back and Forth

My eyes were shut and I felt something soft. I opened my eyes. I was back home safe and sound, sitting on my soft couch. My friend was sitting beside me, as pale as a ghost. She gave me a bear-hug. I was happy that I was home, but my happiness did not last long. I turned to the TV to see if it was switched off when I found that my friend and I were actually inside it! We both screamed our hearts out and everything went black.

Chapter 6: Wake-up Time

I jumped up, opened my eyes, and saw my parents trying to wake me up for school. I told them about the TV-adventure and we all had a good laugh about it. When I looked through the window it was pitch black outside. I turned away from the window to ask my parents why it was still dark. I saw Lady Vampire and Zombie Man standing there instead with evil grins on their faces and rainbow-coloured balloons in their hands.

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