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A ‘lost’ bird is back after 170 years2 min read

March 5, 2021 2 min read


A ‘lost’ bird is back after 170 years2 min read

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A German naturalist, Carl Schwaner, found a small brown-grey songbird with a distinctive broad, black eye-stripe running all the way around its head while trekking in Borneo.

This happened somewhere between 1843 and 1848.

For 170 years, this remained the only sighting of the black-browed babbler. 

Owliver’s play:
Do you remember the other species that was recently rediscovered? Hint: It has something to do with the Bolivian Andes…

It was only on October 5, 2020 that two local residents spotted this ‘lost’ bird southeastern Kalimantan, the part of Borneo administered by Indonesia. Their finding was confirmed on February 25 with a report in BirdingASIA. The authors of the report mentioned that no bird has been missing for as long a time as the babbler!

The bird was kept in temporary captivity to take extensive notes before it was released right back into the wild.

Meet the Babbler:

Why don’t you try to find the babbler in this jigsaw puzzle? The description below will help!

The bird is stout with a short tail but a robust beak. The bird is rich brown in the upper parts while the lower parts up to the breast are grey in colour with a fine white streaking. The crown of the bird is chestnut-brown, with a prominent black stripe that goes through the eyes. The iris has a deep red colour. The legs are dark grey.

In a twist to nature’s game of hide and seek, the authors revealed that the babbler could have been around for a long time in the area. But there was nobody who could identify them!

Nothing is known about the number of babblers in the world. In the International Union for Conservation of Nature records, the species is listed under the “Data Deficient” category. As it was known only from a specimen, a holotype kept at the Naturalis Biodiversity Center in Leiden, Netherlands, it was presumed to be extinct.

But the babbler has surprised everyone with a dramatic comeback.

Sourced from The Indian Express

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