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The dance of the black hole1 min read

October 5, 2020 < 1 min read


The dance of the black hole1 min read

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The Event Horizon Telescope, a global array of 8 of the most superior telescopes, recorded the first image of a black hole in April 2019.
It was named M87.

Sourced from BBC

A black hole is a region in space that collapses on itself. This means that it has a super strong gravitational force that can pull in everything. Even light! Also, they are huge. The M87* has a mass of 6.5 billion suns!

In the image given above, the black hole is the dark circle inside the bright ring. The bright ring is the chaotic movement of mass into the black hole. Procuring the image of the black hole was a breakthrough moment in the study of outer-space.

In images procured this year, it was noticed that the black hole wobbles. This is the result of the black hole consuming material around it with its strong gravitational pull. This causes the bright part of the ring to flicker giving it the appearance of a little shimmy.

The pictures emerged from joint observations by the linked EHT array taken over a week.

With excerpts from BBC