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The Empty Ballroom1 min read

June 21, 2021 < 1 min read


The Empty Ballroom1 min read

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Janani Vignesh

Sholai School, Kodaikanal

My eyes hold her.

My heart unwalled

Piano plays a tango, Bridge.

She dances

But not with me.

Discordant keys.

She invites another. Another woman.

I lose gracelessly.

I implore

Frozen and eyes

Why not me?

I long for her death.

Of the shadow she embraces.

I long for-

I do not. I implore of her too

Why not with me?

Maybe it is me?

I extend just out of reach

Expecting the brush of skirt.

Beating Black Hole.

Ever contracting, forever widening.

I could ascend the stage

Expose my chambers.

But am I-

Stage Fright.

The music amplifying. Resonating.

They continue crumbling walls.

I beat concrete steps.

I hear muted laughter.

Tap-dance on my heart.

I fall into the abandoned ballroom.

I tear up

I tear through.

I wonder if they noticed my flight.

My hearts two-step

My eyes glassy. My body liquid.

I wonder if they care.

I don’t.

Do I?

I change style

My body glides differently.

I pretend I never went dancing.

Feeling plastered.

Empty ballroom.

Still twirling.

The room is haunting.

Never learns.

I want to.

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