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The Strongest Jaw in the World: Sold!3 min read

October 10, 2020 3 min read


The Strongest Jaw in the World: Sold!3 min read

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Stan, the mighty T-Rex, has teeth that could not only bite into a car but are also worth more than one. Recently, Stan was put up for auction where he reigned supreme yet again.

So, how was Stan sold?

Ever since his discovery, Stan has resided in a private geological institute in Denver called the Black Hills Institute for Geological Research. The institute put him up for auction at a minimum price of 3 million US dollars or 21 crore rupees. Then, bidders or interested buyers offered to buy him at a higher amount of their choosing. Finally, Stan was sold to the highest bidder for a whopping 32 million US dollars or around 233 crore rupees! Thus he became the most expensive fossil to have ever existed on this planet.

Does this mean that all the exhibits found in museums are up for sale?

No, that is not usually the case at all. Fossils that are in public museums or found on public land belong to the government and are protected by laws that prevent them from being sold. Stan, however, was found on private land and was then given to a private institute. This private institute has the right to sell him if they choose to. However, this choice was not one that the paleontologists at the institute supported. In fact, losing Stan will be a significant loss to science. On the occasion that Stan has been bought by a private buyer, palaeontologists may no longer be able to unlock his unending secrets.

If the scientists did not want to lose him, why was Stan sold anyway? 

Stan was put up for auction since the institute where he resided was in debt. So, a local court ordered the institute to sell Stan to gather the funds they required and pay off their debt. 

Who bought Stan? 

Well, that’s a good question but no one knows for sure. Stan’s highest bidder decided to keep their identity hidden from the public. Meanwhile, scientists have both their fingers and toes crossed as they hope the buyer is a museum or research institute. Then, Stan’s bones can be protected and studied for centuries to come. He can continue to unlock pre-historic secrets that help us travel millions of years back in time. 

Question to ask yourself: Why is it important to study dinosaurs and their pre-historic world?

Images: GIPHY, BHI, Christies

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