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The Human Ball-Pit Solution4 min read

October 20, 2020 3 min read


The Human Ball-Pit Solution4 min read

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Here is a bonkers idea that is also a great example of problem-solving. That? What could this human ball-pit that looks like a dish of fish-eggs possibly solve? 

Oklahoma Pictures and Facts
The State of Oklahoma – marked in pink – on the United States Map.

Welcome to Oklahoma, USA. A local band known as The Flaming Lips has found quite a loony solution to their concerts-are-not-allowed-due-to-coronavirus problem. They just put themselves and their fans in giant ‘spaces bubbles’ which are really just hollow balls of plastic. According to the band-members, these bubbles keep their fans safe and prevent them from getting infected with Covid19 during their concert.

Take a look at the view from inside a bubble:

Once inside their personal bubble, people are free to enjoy the music however they want. They can even remove their masks and sing, scream, dance, or bounce around until their legs can’t do anymore bouncing and their throats can’t do anymore screaming.

Owliver’s Obscure Observation: Wayne Coyne, the lead singer of The Flaming Lips, has been using the space bubble to both perform and crowd surf since 2004. He even got married in a space bubble!

Wayne Coyn crowd-surfing at Central Park in New York.

Dayzie Smith was in one of the bubbles.

Dayzie Smith, a woman from Oklahoma, attended this concert and has described her experience to the news network Vice. When she arrived at the venue, she was afraid, confused, and had no idea what was going to happen. At first, she was wearing a mask, and was organized into a neat socially-distanced line. Then, she was given a tag that had a number that matched the bubble she was assigned. When her turn to enter the mysterious space bubble finally came, she found that her bubble wasn’t a bubble at all. It was just a deflated plastic circle into which she stuffed herself. Finally, she was zipped into the plastic covering along with the nozzle of a leaf blower.

Bzzzzzz, gusts of wind gushed in, and the loud leaf blower was busy at work. Soon, her personal fish egg was ready. The nozzle was pulled out, and she was zipped in. For the rest of the concert bounced and danced her heart out. And according to her, it was bouncing fun!  

The deflated space-bubbles lined-up and ready for use>>>

But, there were a few questions on her mind. What would she do if there was a fire? Or, what if she just wanted to leave her bubble for a trip to the toilet? Would she have to roll there? 

Well, this concert was just four songs long, so these problems didn’t arise. But there is definitely some thinking to be done before this solution is adopted for lengthier events. 

Think with Owliver:

What’s all this fuss about Covid19 precautions?

Watch their Space Bubble Protected Performance Below:

Do you dream of watching your favorite artist from a space bubble? Let us know in the comments below.

Images: Entertainment Weekly, CNN, Instagram, and National Geographic Kids.

With Excerpts From: Entertainment Weekly, Vice, CNN, ETC Canada, Futurism, and NME

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