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The metaverse is here. But what is it?3 min read

August 12, 2021 3 min read


The metaverse is here. But what is it?3 min read

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A design of someone wearing a VR headset, something essential to the metaverse

In 1992, author Neal Stephenson wrote a sci-fi book titled ‘Snow Crash’. In the book, a Virtual Reality (VR) headset can help persons who are miles away interact with each other. Now, virtual reality is something that has taken the world by storm. Does this mean that the metaverse could also become reality soon?

Facebook recently announced they would be creating a new team to fuel CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s vision of the metaverse being our future. At a news conference recently, Zuckerberg offered his thoughts: “[The metaverse] is going to be a really big part of the tech industry’s next chapter.” This is a lot like Hyperloop, which is the train of the future.

What is the metaverse?

How the metaverse could look like

The metaverse is a place where the internet and virtual reality are combined. For example, let’s assume you are playing a game in virtual reality. There, it could show you all the messages your friends are sending, or the latest news about the game you’re playing. Combining these two worlds could be a big step forward.

Augmented reality glasses could help the growth of the metaverse. They could display statistics such as the weather and other important news you might have taken from your phone instead. Additionally, they could help people who are working can take calls from anywhere, including on walks.

Can we actually stop the metaverse now?

The metaverse seems like the destiny of the world. But critics could argue that it could distract people from the real world. Much like people who are on their phones while driving, being on the metaverse for too long could put them and others in danger.

Additionally, Zuckerberg is having second thoughts about the durability of virtual reality headsets. As much as they are fun and easy to use, they are still clunky and probably not built for the metaverse yet.

Have we already built some elements?

Some games allow players to shop with real money, much like the real world nowadays. Another platform is allowing users to tour art galleries, visit concerts, and gamble in casinos all virtually!

In some digital games, buying something virtually could be even more expensive than in the real world. A Gucci bag recently sold for $4,100 in the metaverse, much more than the real cost of the bag.

Facetiming has become widely popular also, which is another part of the metaverse that we use in our daily lives.

Since Facebook is pioneering the effort over this, this could be a big deal in their future and growth. However, it could also make Facebook a monopoly in this space. What happens remains to be seen.

Is it really safe for companies like Facebook to monopolize the world’s future? Would the world be more equitable if metaverse became reality or would it create a bigger gap between those who have money and those who don’t?

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