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The Murk – Blackout Edition: The Beginning3 min read

October 28, 2021 3 min read


The Murk – Blackout Edition: The Beginning3 min read

Reading Time: 3 minutes


Good day, Agents.

This is X, and I have an urgent mission for you today. This is a very serious matter: Owliver’s ally, Agent Swathi, has gone missing!

There’s darkness all around us, not a flicker in sight, not a soul to be seen. Something strange is going on. Agent Swathi had set off on a mission to figure out what’s causing all this doom and gloom. Unfortunately, somewhere in the darkness and chaos, she got lost!

Now, it’s up to you to find her…. Put your detective hats on to locate Agent Swathi, and also figure out how to turn all the lights back on. This task is all about thinking on your toes and working as a team. Remember to have each other’s backs and listen to what everyone has to say.


Where was Swathi last seen? How exactly did she get lost? Where do you start looking for her? Which way do you go? How much time do you have?

To help you understand the task, check out the map below. We are currently at the starting point — The Tower of Light, where Agent Swathi was last seen. No points for irony there. Now, the real challenge begins. You’ll have 45 minutes to move to different points of the map, solve all the challenges and find her. That’s not too much time and who knows what will happen to her if we don’t make it!

Before you begin, pay close attention to Agent X’s message:

The murky map

This map illustrates your journey. You are currently at The Tower of Light. Make your way to the end and find Agent Swati!

Your first stop is The Mine of Doom. Solve the puzzles in each realm to go ahead on your quest. Agent X will be around to help you along your journey.

Once your masterful powers of deduction have freed you of a realm, you will be given a secret code. Enter it in each panel in the puzzle home base below to progress to the next realm. At the end of it all, each code word will come together to create the spell that will finally help you turn the lights back on and find our missing agent.


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