The Murk-Cryptic Mine: Enter the Shadow-Mart🏦🟢 4 min read

May 1, 2022 3 min read


The Murk-Cryptic Mine: Enter the Shadow-Mart🏦🟢 4 min read

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Hello Agents, you’re here in the shadow-mart, the Murk’s bustling black market. If the Murk is a despicable place, then the black market is Satan’s den itself. In the Shadow-Mart, you can buy anything from weapons to poisonous potions to the stolen nuclear codes that can unleash the government’s nuclear war missiles.☣️ Well, I assume you know what you need to do- BRING BACK THE CODES STAT or at least before they’re sold to the slimy tentacles of a ghoulish Murkian warlord. 

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I don’t think I need to spell out the dumpster-fire consequences of the codes- that-can-launch-nuclear-warheads falling into the hands of a malicious villain. 

As you well know by now, the task is simple: collect Murkcoins, dodge the Murk’s Murky Monsters and find and buy the top secret-classified briefcase that contains the government’s nuclear codes. Of course, this is the treacherous Murk, so when I say simple, you have to take that with a pinch of salt– or perhaps, a fistful of salt. Anyway, enough chit-chat– let’s move on. 

P.S. I forgot to mention the notorious Peelon Husk. He’s up to something. And I have a strong suspicion that whatever he’s doing is going to run a dagger straight through the heart of our mission.

You must find him for two reasons:

He definitely knows where the codes are. If anyone has influence over the Murkians, it’s him.

He’s a notorious man, and will do what he can to put the government in hot water. Whatever his plan may be, you must think on your feet and stop him.



Mining Murkcoins

So, what do you do to get Murkcoins, the Murk’s most popular cryptocurrency?

Well, you must join a secret Murk-wide network of Murkcoin miners…

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A what?!? No, you don’t have to climb into a deep dark pit and dig away for rocks and coal. Instead, all you have to do is work to make sure the Murks ghouls aren’t stealing the stuff they stole from each other.

Now, how do you do that? Well, you must follow the truth and catch whatever smells fishy to you👃🏽😷. To put it simply, what you miners really have to do is some good old fashioned bank work. Complete the puzzle below to prove you know your stuff, and then, perhaps, you can join the Murk’s miner super-secret network.

Remember to take advantage of the hints below. May the odds be in your favour.

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