The Murk-Cryptic Mine: Krrr-ChingšŸŸ¢4 min read

May 1, 2022 3 min read


The Murk-Cryptic Mine: Krrr-ChingšŸŸ¢4 min read

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This is your Murkcoin wallet. Look out for it in each realm in order to track the number of Murkcoins you own.
BEWARE: Haunted Houses! | YayDude

It’s so loud in here! All you can hear is the clickity-clack of money being processed and exchanged. Loans are flying out left, right and centre. And reckless monsters who couldn’t pay back their loans wait at the bank and hope that money will simply fly into their hands.

The bank employees work at a sloth’s pace…. But look: right behind the bank, something else is afoot. Murkcoin miners are busy sorting through the Murk’s Murkcoin exchanges. Perhaps you should head on over and say hello….

Please Leave Go Away GIF by MARK VOMIT

Ouch! That was rude.

Wait! someone is finally here to talk to you!

"Who are you? Don't tell me. No one reveals their real name here. I don't normally talk to strangers, but you lot look completely lost. This place is dangerous, I'd advise you to leave before you get in serious trouble."

Fill in the blanks to tell him why you’re here. Remember, don’t tell him too much just yet!

New Year Glitch Sticker
  1. Cryptocurrencies make sure that no one can spend the same digital money twice.

Click on the red button below for some handy hints that will help you in your quest in this realm.

Find the list that has no fraudsters:

It’s time to mine:

Here are a few Mining tips that should help you verify the right list.

The golden rule: Paying someone more Murkcoins than you own is FRAUD.

Let’s make sure you’re really ready to mine:

The lists:

List 1
List 2
List 3