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A positive spin on the pandemic2 min read

October 2, 2020 2 min read


A positive spin on the pandemic2 min read

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Anyone who was awake during 2019, knows how weird 2020 is! Thanks to the virus-that-must-not-be-named.
But, this time has also taught us to be brave, grateful, and kind. This is also a time for innovation and new definitions.
In this segment, we’ll look at some stories of how people have adapted to the new-normal because the show must go on, for the economy and for the spirit!

1. No! Not Neverland. This is the Flight that Goes Nowhere!
If Peter Pan is looking for a way to get to Neverland, he might have to wait. Instead, he could always take the flight to nowhere. People are buying tickets to flights that land in the same place as they depart from. Royal Brunei Airlines has run 5 of these flights. Taiwanese airline EVA Air hosted 309 people for its Hello Kitty-themed A330 Dream Jet for Father’s Day. Japan’s All Nippon Airways filled 300 seats on its 90 minutes Hawaiin-resort-themed flight. Interest in these flights without a destination is flying high!

With excerpts from The New York Times.

2. Outrunning the Pandemic: The London Marathon
The London Marathon, an annual feature since 1981, will not be cancelled. It will be held on October 4th, 2020 but with a difference. The elite participants will be running 19 laps in St. James Park and non-elite participants will join virtually through the event app. The staff and elite athletes will wear social distancing technology, Bump, around their neck. The virtual participants can join from anywhere across the world and record their progress on the app over the course of 24 hours.

3. Lockdown Adventures: `Awesome Archie`

Rebecca and Archie (11 years), a mother and son duo from Dorset (England), have published an illustrated book explaining Archie’s experience with autism.
The book, titled Awesome Archie, was created in 4 months. It has reached people as far as Australia and California. In Archie’s own words, it is his ability to imagine that gives him an edge over others. His story has a cat, a teacher, and a whole lot of adventure!

There’s change everywhere. From Archie’s home to St. James Park, from Brunei to Taiwan! How are you adapting with this change? Are you spending more time with your family? Video calling friends?  Reading books? Helping people in need?
Let us know about your stories of this time.

With excerpts from BBC.