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The Taj Mahal welcomes visitors once more2 min read

September 22, 2020 < 1 min read

The Taj Mahal welcomes visitors once more2 min read

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The Taj Mahal has opened its doors once more and is welcoming visitors, but not all of them at once! The monument was closed in March to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

Now, only 5,000 visitors are allowed to enter the Taj Mahal every day and only after they go through temperature checks and other preventative measures. And since no one wants a picture with the Taj with their masks on, you are allowed to take them off for a photo. But don’t forget to wear them again immediately after!

Visitors also cannot touch the white marble walls of the monument and the famous photo bench in front of it now has a plastic cover that is wiped clean by the staff after each photo.

The people of Agra have welcomed this reopening since many people’s livelihood depends on tourism.

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