The tale of the spoiled child1 min read

June 29, 2021 < 1 min read

The tale of the spoiled child1 min read

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Long long ago in China there lived a man who loved his son and always wanted him to be happy. His name was Shung Hu and his son’s name was Tangi. With this attitude, he spoiled Tangi and gave him everything he wanted. Next door, there was another man named Quin. He loved his son, Chung, but didn’t  spoil him. He couldn’t anyway because he was a poor porcelain maker.

One day at school there was a big Chinese test and Tangi’s father had given him a slip of paper which he could cheat with. On the other hand, Chung was an ingenious person and had practiced. A few days passed after that day and results came. Since Tangi did the best in his class, it was said that he had to prepare a republic day speech and speak in front of a  crowd.

Tangi thought that in front of a crowd he couldn’t look at a sheet of paper. Therefore, he did not prepare and did very badly. A few years later, Tangi and Chung had become grown ups. Tangi couldn’t get a job because he had no social or life skills since he had been spoiled all his life. On the other hand Chung was living his life in prosperity.

Aishani is a 5th Grader and spends her time experimenting with crafts and writing stories.