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Meet the new beagles on the block; freagles!3 min read

November 6, 2020 3 min read


Meet the new beagles on the block; freagles!3 min read

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Beagles are sweet, slobbery balls of fur that love to yap and cuddle with their favourite humans. But not all these puppies begin life surrounded by love and laughter. They grow up in cages with no access to sunlight, humans, other dogs, or even touch. Sound grim? It is, but not all is lost!

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We all love our favourite soap, perfume, moisturizer, and lipsticks. But what happens in between them being manufactured and sold in stores? Well, sometimes they are tested on animals to see if they are safe enough for human use!

Animal Testing
Hamsters and mice have historically been used for this purpose, and so have some breeds of dogs. Beagles are docile and not too heavy (10-12 kgs). So, they are an easy choice for testing.
On reaching maturity (3 years of age) or at the end of a project (whichever is sooner), the beagles are set free and are up for adoption. But by this time, they tend to become withdrawn, scared, worried, and distrusting of those around them. Being alone and devoid of love can most certainly do that to anyone, don’t you think so? But, fortunately, their story doesn’t end here!

This is where Freagles of India comes in!

The Freagles Story

In 2012, Chinthana Gopinath adopted a beagle through Compassion Unlimited Plus Action in Bengaluru. CUPA reached out to Chinthana when the Bengaluru testing lab shut down, suddenly freeing 250 beagles! With her experience, Chinthana tried to find homes for these newly freed beagles. And this is how Freagles of India, a harbinger of a new life, was born in 2016!

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Started by Chinthana Gopinath and Awanti Agarwal, freagles not only rehabilitates lab-tested beagles but also trains potential pet parents to care for these dogs who have been through so much in their young lives. Currently, they have branches in Pune, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad and Vadodara. 

What does Freagles mean?

Freagles are Beagles who are finally free! They stand for freedom, sunshine, and love. The rescued beagles are given a space where they are loved and taken care of in conditions that suit their experience. The dogs are given time to get comfortable with humans. Older dogs also help the younger dogs start a new and healthier life for themselves.

When it comes to adoption, potential pet parents are taken through a training process and potential homes are identified for their suitability for a recovering beagle. It is important to note that many people expect an enthusiastic puppy when they think of a beagle. But lab-tested beagles are different because of the difficult circumstances they have been through. They may need a little extra care and cuddles!

Because of their efforts, all over the country freagles are rewriting their story and becoming their yappy, cuddly selves again!
Owliver bowbows down before Freagles for what they are doing for our furry friends!

Think with Owliver:
What kind of products require animal testing?

Can they be produced without the use of animals? How? Have any businesses managed to do this?
How can we be conscious of the products we use?

Well, Owliver wants to be responsible so will you let him know in the comments below?

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