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This e-bicycle can run 35 kms without charge3 min read

April 9, 2021 3 min read


This e-bicycle can run 35 kms without charge3 min read

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Two brothers from Silicon Valley came back to India to commit their life to product making. And that’s how this unique e-bicycle was born. Let’s ride with this story…

The beginning…

What is an e-bicycle?
An e-bicycle is an electronic bike that comes with an in-built electric motor that assists pedalling. It is a green way to travel as it works on electric charge!

Sourced from The Better India

Sachin (left) and Vishal Chopra grew up in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, in a family full of engineers. Product making was a natural choice for them! The two brothers went to the USA for higher education, graduating with a Masters in Computer Engineering from Purdue University. They went on to work at Silicon Valley where they earned two patents.
They moved on to complete their MBAs from the prestigious Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

As they continued on their path of corporate success, the two brothers kept alive their love for cycling and exploring the outdoors. In hope of encouraging their children to do the same, and to celebrate their love for cycling, the brothers started AlphaVector in 2015. The e-bicycle, Meraki Ninety-One is a product of this company.

20 million bicycles are sold in India every year! Currently, only 1 % of that market has gone electric. So, this passion was also a great business opportunity as it has a lot of potential.

Meet Meraki…

Sourced from The Better India
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Meraki was created from scratch over 15 months by 15 designers whose combined experience is more than 300 years!
While most e-bikes function as remodelled existing designs embedded with a battery pack, motor etc., Meraki has been designed to work as an e-bicycle! The battery has been integrated into the whole frame of the bike. The bicycle can run for 35 kilometres without charge. This battery has been tested for 5,000 hours in multiple ranges of temperatures and on different terrains across India.

It can go up to 25 kilometres per hour, which is pretty fast when you are pedalling!

The bicycle, priced at INR 29,999, comes with e-brakes, and key-lock switch that hinders theft. The cycle comes in 4 modes: Pedal Assist, Throttle, Cruise and Pedal. In the Throttle mode, the bicycle works without pedalling, just like a scooter.

Made in India

75% of Meraki has been created out of locally sourced material. Team AlphaVector is very close to announcing their first manufacturing unit in India, that will take this 75% to a whooping 100%!

Have we just witnessed a new way of travel? Do you think you will try this soon (You don’t need a driving license for Meraki!)? Let Owliver know in the comments below.

Sourced from The Better India

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