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Trivia 2020: The ball is in your court1 min read

December 31, 2020 < 1 min read


Trivia 2020: The ball is in your court1 min read

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It’s Day 6 of our trivia week! This time, we need you to put on your sporting cap and catch up with 2020s biggest sports highlights. Read on to play!

Top 10 Most Popular Sports in America 2020 (TV Ratings) - Sports Show
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Every day till New Year’s Eve, Owliver will take you on a retrospective trivia of 2020. New day—New theme! And here’s the best part— At the end of each trivia, if you have been successful (you are wonderfully smart so we have no doubt you will make it), you will get a riddle. The riddle will be a clue for the scavenger hunt slated for January 1, 2021. The winners of the hunt will get an exciting reward to usher in the New Year!

Let’s get started!

Well done! Owliver was sure you could crack this tough quiz. Keep your clue safe, you will need it soon. Watch out for our scavenger hunt and final reward!