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Trivia 2020: The climate is calling…and quizzing1 min read

December 29, 2020 < 1 min read


Trivia 2020: The climate is calling…and quizzing1 min read

Reading Time: < 1 minute

Welcome to Day 4 of Trivia Week!
Every day we can hear the climate calling out to us for some action to make it a little bit cooler. This year, we have been through pledges of carbon neutrality, a pandemic, and reduction in the levels of nitrogen dioxide. Alongside, we have also seen green warriors working to heal the environment, one big effort at a time. This trivia is an opportunity to look back at the year and how it shaped the environment. But before we proceed, here’s a little reminder to what the Trivia Week is all about—

Every day till New Year’s Eve, Owliver will take you on a retrospective trivia of 2020. New day—New theme! And here’s the best part—
At the end of each trivia, if you have been successful (you are wonderfully smart so we have no doubt you will make it), you will get a riddle. The riddle will be a clue for the scavenger hunt slated for January 1, 2021.
The winners of the hunt will get an exciting reward to usher in the New Year!

So, let’s get started with Day 4 with the puzzle Climate Call—

Congratulations! We knew you will ace this quiz. Now, store your clue safely. You will need it soon.

And keep your thinking caps on! The game is just warming up…

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