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Uber’s new policy: You have some protecting to do!3 min read

November 2, 2020 3 min read


Uber’s new policy: You have some protecting to do!3 min read

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Do you feel your stomach tumbling when you have to taxi? Do you wonder if it’s safe? How do you know your driver is not infected, after all he comes in contact with so many riders every day?

Uber says don’t worry!

Credits: Uber Blog

Uber has been trying to make their taxis as safe as possible for their riders. Since May, Uber has made face masks for its drivers and riders mandatory. To ensure that drivers follow the rules, they have had to upload a selfie wearing a face-mask onto the Uber app. They have to do this before each ride! The app then uses face recognition technology to make sure that the driver is wearing a mask before it unlocks the ride.

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We all know that wearing masks prevents you from spreading Covid19, so if a driver is wearing a mask, the rider has much less cause for concern. Uber also educates the drivers about Coronavirus. This is done so that drivers know how crucial it is to take precautions such as mask-wearing. Lastly, if a rider feels unsafe, they can cancel their trip at any time and will face no penalty.

Owliver’s Obscure Observation: Scientists have found that mask-wearing can reduce the spread of infection by at least 95%!

Well, have you ever wondered how your driver who has to transport several passengers each day must worry?

Finally, Uber is protecting their drivers too. If an Uber driver complains that a passenger is not willing to wear a mask, they can cancel the ride and report their passenger to the app. From then on, the reported rider will have to upload a picture of themselves wearing a mask before they can get into an Uber car. Only once the app verifies that they are in fact wearing a mask will their ride be unlocked. No face mask, no ride. So, next time you plan to leave home in an Uber, make sure that you have packed your mask!

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All said and done we are glad that Uber is committed to protecting its drivers just as much as its riders.

Images: Uber Blog, GIPHY

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Owliver's Tip: Only take a taxi if it's necessary, and when you do, remember to wear a mask and protect your driver.  Good luck protecting the world!