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Who Will Win the Epic Bizarre Battle of the Belly?3 min read

May 1, 2021 2 min read


Who Will Win the Epic Bizarre Battle of the Belly?3 min read

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Asha Sridhar

Special Agent Swathi has a new case to crack and if there’s one thing she doesn’t have, it’s time! A (ravenously) hungry new monster has landed in her neighbourhood, and that too just before the elections! It only gets worse….This bahubelly has an appetite for all things NEW…s! Can Swathi get her neighbourhood out of this soup or has she taken on more than she can shoo? Yikes! Chew? 

Tick tock tick tock, who ate our news?

The bright rays of the morning sun landed softly on Swathi’s cheeks. She opened her eyes and wished herself a jolly good morning. Now, this sparkling morning, put a very sparkling idea in her sparkling head. 

Maybe she could study on her terrace today with her face mask on! Get some fresh air. “Let me grab today’s newspaper and check the weather forecast,” she mumbled to herself.   

Swathi ran to fetch the newspaper from outside her main door. It was her task to place the newspaper on the dining table each morning. Her parents and her would then discuss the most important headlines. 

Her amma and appa had been speaking to her about the upcoming elections and as someone who won a closely contested election herself (How else would somebody become class monitor, huh?) Swathi had questions, and then more questions, and then some more questions. “I wonder what the papers say today,” she thought. 

Because she could not vote, she made her parents promise to her that they would vote for the candidate who would make schools better for all children. “And maybe, even extend lunch breaks!Hehe!” she thought sheepishly.  

You know Swathi by now. Her thoughts got jumbled and tumbled all over and she forgot why she was standing there with her main door wide open.

Illustrations: Parvathy

What she saw next knocked her out. The newspaper was there, alright. But where was the news? Where were all the alphabets and the photographs? All she saw was blank page after blank page. “Did they run out of ink? How peculiar!” 

She turned on the morning news. All she saw there were grey, black, and white dots buzzing like noisy mosquitos. “Let me ask Appa to check the news online,” she said. And, what did they find? Only blank pages! Even our very own Owliver’s Post was missing its amazing articles. “WHAT IS HAPPENING Appa!” She was legitimately worried. “Where has all our news gone!!?!?!”  

To be continued…

(Author’s Note: Asha Sridhar is a muggle writer who wishes she could wiggle her nose and create beautiful sentences. No, she’s not read all the Harry Potter books.)

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