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Learn with Owliver: Why does it rain?1 min read

September 8, 2020 < 1 min read


Learn with Owliver: Why does it rain?1 min read

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Video: Met Office

Have you asked yourself why rains happen? We learn a lot about this in science. Some say that when lord Indra is happy, he showers his love on us. Indian subcontinent is very fortunate to get such good Rains during the Monsoon season. Well, these days schools are closed because of Covid-19, but remember the time when there is a Rainy day. A break from school is something that the Rain brings us sometimes.

Ok, back to science behind the rains. For that let’s quickly talk about the water cycle. When water evaporates, it forms clouds and some of these clouds have too much water vapor in them. As this water vapor rises towards the sky and cools down, it’ll start to condense into water droplets. When these droplets are combining and are too heavy to stay in the sky, they start falling as rain.

The Indian subcontinent has a big barrier in Himalayas for any monsoon filled clouds to pass over it, so we get a significant amount of rain on the Northern Gangetic Plains.

Why do Monsoon rains happen during June – September every year is subject for another day, but I am sure you all know.

Now share with us below in comments how you are enjoying these rains.

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