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World’s oldest cave painting is 45,500 years old!3 min read

January 20, 2021 3 min read


World’s oldest cave painting is 45,500 years old!3 min read

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The world’s oldest cave painting that has been found in Indonesia, is 45,500 years old, and features…*drumroll*…..

Sourced from Giphy


This painting which is a life-size image of the Sulawesi pig, measuring 136 by 54 centimetres (53 by 21 inches) was made using red ochre pigment. It even has a short crest of upright hair and a pair of horn-like warts that are special to adult males of the species.

This is what a Sulawesi pig looks like. Sourced from Wikipedia

The paintings also shows two hand prints above the pig’s hindquarters giving the impression that the pig is facing two other pigs that are only partially preserved.

Sourced from NDTV

The painting was found in Leang Tedongnge cave in Indonesia. The cave is enclosed by limestone cliffs and is located in a remote valley that until this discovery had never been visited by Westerners.

The Sulawesi pig is a key feature of this region’s prehistoric art, and has been hunted for over tens of thousands of years by humans.

Researchers have disclosed that the people who made the artwork were very modern, and had all the necessary tools and requirements to execute an artwork like this.

What do cave paintings tell us?

These beautiful scribbles on the walls reveal to us much about our ancestors including their movement pattern. This helps us plugin the gaps in human migration.

Researchers had earlier deduced that people had reached Australia 65,000 years ago. But to get there, they would have had to cross Indonesia. The absence of evidence was overcome by the discovery of this cave painting.

After all, you need a human hand to create this piece of art, even if our furry animated friend, Sid from Ice Age, disagrees.

To create the handprints above the pig’s hindquarters, the artists would have had to put their hands on the surface, and then spit over it to make it stay. The residual saliva, when studied through DNA samples, can reveal more about the people behind the art!

The great thing about history is that it is always present around us! Remember the Underwater Museum, the unearthing in Egypt, the Sphinx in Kerala, the Sistine Chapel of the Ancients, the 2,000-year-old fast food stall, and the Vikings’ longship?

Let’s take a trip down memory lane, across time, with this Acrossword puzzle!

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