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Zooming Into Another Side Effect Of The Pandemic4 min read

January 8, 2021 4 min read


Zooming Into Another Side Effect Of The Pandemic4 min read

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Just when you thought you knew everything there is to know about, thanks to Owliver’s Vaccination Station, we have more!

There’s another side effect of the pandemic and you don’t need to have contracted the virus to suffer it. It’s called Zoom fatigue.

What is Zoom?
It is a video-conferencing app.

What is fatigue? 
Just another fancy word for exhaustion.

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What is Zoom Fatigue?

Zoom fatigue is the state of exhaustion, boredom, and weariness that a person experiences because of attending multiple meetings, classes, or events online through video-conferencing apps, through the day.

You may remember enjoying movies and video-games all day during your holidays.
So, what makes Zoom fatigue distinct?

Everyone agrees that exposure to screen for long periods is unfavourable to young minds. But it depends on factors beyond content.

A new audio and sound research suggests that a lot of the fatigue depends on what one is listening to! Unlike edited podcasts, and videos, online classes are transmitted through the internet in real time. They are unedited and have background noises. These videos are not only prone to video disruptions, they are also crude to the ears.

Also, humans are social beings. We like meeting people. We also read people through their expressions, responses, and body language. Research shows that because video calls reduce people to square boxes on screens, they make it difficult to read these signs. This curbs communication and makes it impersonal.

Multi-persons screen requires the brain to multitask and observe multiple people at the same time. At one point your brain is focusing on more than one person. Can you imagine reading and writing at the same time? Your brain is doing something like that on Zoom. And it is as exhausting as it sounds!

This influences learning capacity, too! At the end of the 8 hours, it is definitely not a pleasant feeling to know that you have not absorbed much at all.

How to avoid zoom fatigue?

  1. Take a break from the screen
    Listen to your favourite song, play with your pets, doodle a little.
    You could also use that time to catch up with Owliver!
  2. Meditate
    Calm down your mind through a peaceful meditation. It doesn’t have to be about closing your eyes and breathing in and out. You could also look out your window, and follow the flight of a bird, or the shapes of clouds!
  3. Focus on Posture
    Find a good spot for your online classes with good lighting, a study table, and a sturdy chair to keep you posture straight. Keep the screen at eye level so you do not have to strain your neck. 
  4. Exercise
    In between sessions, take time to do some simple stretching exercises. Also, while your mind is running is working overtime, make sure you move your body, too! Exercise helps ease the pressures on our mind.
  5. Study at your own time
    Everyone functions at different levels of productivity. If the option of pre-recorded lectures is available, use it when you need it.

And most importantly, be kind to yourself.
Give yourself a pat at the end of the day for braving through classes, assignments, the pandemic chaos, and wearing a mask.
You are already a warrior! And guess what, you are winning!

Find with Owliver:
A new app called Rewatch is being lanched to combat zoom fatigue. Find out more about the app and let Owliver know in the comments, below!

Sourced from NatGeo, Times of India , and Boston Digital.

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